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Client examples of innovation and agility

The latest lockdowns and restrictions have seen us making quite a few adjustments to help our clients continue to develop their leaders. From virtual workshops and programs to COVID-safe events, our clients have demonstrated an agility to respond to the changes and uncertainty we currently face. Here's some examples of how we've been adapting.

Virtual workshops

Two weeks out from a multi-day face-to-face emerging leaders’ workshop for a large resources company in Perth, we’ve shifted to a virtual format. Whilst we are now practiced at delivering in a virtual environment, it requires a lot more preparation as we work through the technology, logistics and workshop design. There’s something about face-to-face that lets you dance more agilely in the moment, whereas virtual programs require you to be much more planned, deliberate, and intentional if they are to be done well.

Virtual Coaching

For now, we will go back to mixing virtual coaching as well as face to face where it makes sense and is safe to do so. Given our conversations are now with people all over the world, it reminds us that COVID has done extraordinary things for breaking down geographical barriers. We are now able to provide support and development anywhere in the world.

Virtual Programs

We have just published a new Impact Evaluation for a virtual trial of our Xtraordinary Influence program we ran in September-November last year for a Melbourne headquartered client, whilst we were in the midst of an extended lockdown. This group of high potential leaders from all over Australia and New Zealand were also in the middle of the largest restructure their organisation had even undertaken. This was our first trial of running the program virtually and the feedback and results have been stunning. We have learned an enormous amount about how to make virtual development work for leaders, and we’re looking forward to sharing these lessons and innovations.

Leadership development strategy

Another organisation we were talking with about developing their leaders were hit incredibly hard by a breakout of the Delta variant, sending them into lockdown. Whilst no-one became seriously ill, the psychological and financial effects were significant. They needed to pivot and refocus their leadership development strategy and investment and we responded, redesigning the approach to match their new set of circumstances.

Covid-safe events

Fortunately, our experience also includes some opportunities to run events and programs the “traditional” way, even though the clients we are working with are anything but that. Next week we have the privilege of facilitating a two-day offsite in the Yarra Valley for an extraordinary company face to face, albeit masked up and socially distanced. This remarkable group of people have a vision that will revolutionise and transform our approach to energy generation, with the first offshore wind farm proposed in Australia. It’s tremendously exciting.

Even when its challenging, we are motivated to help people succeed, to support them in transforming themselves and the world around them and encourage them to realise their full potential.

At the core of our beliefs, this is what we hold to be true. That their leadership potential is unknowable.


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