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Xtraordinary: the art and science of remarkable leadership

In a world where ordinary, ho-hum leadership just doesn't cut it, we need extraordinary leaders. For new, emerging and experienced leaders this book provides a proven and practical pathway to becoming more remarkable. 

In this book, Gerard Penna shares:

  • two critical attributes that extraordinary leaders possess

  • a powerful model that reveals the leadership impact you have on others.

  • the critical behaviours you need to engage, influence and mobilise people.

  • eight essential habits for building higher performing teams and superior results.


Packed with scientific research, real world examples and practical advice, it is essential reading for leaders who aspire to become truly extraordinary.

about the author

Gerard Penna is a leadership advisor and coach to billionaires, CEO's, boards and senior leaders, working in diverse settings from desert mining camps to hi tech starts ups and sky-scraping boardrooms.


Gerard is also CEO and Founder of Xtraordinary Leaders, a training company deeply committed to lifting the bar on leadership and leadership development.


“I loved it. The book Xtraordinary is an essential tool for all leaders navigating our complex and changing world to deliver outstanding outcomes. In his book, Gerard Penna has taken his 30 plus years of leadership observation and development and succinctly defined what makes extraordinary leaders.  A must read for all leaders, experienced and emerging. Bravo!”

Katrina Blair, Chief Financial Officer, Tennis Australia

"In Xtraordinary, Gerard Penna offers a compelling, practical and nuanced roadmap for enhancing your leadership. This book is both relentlessly optimistic and brutally realistic about what you can accomplish. Penna has developed a rich framework and set of useful tools that show how synthesizing strength and warmth is not only possible but essential to enable you to achieve more effective, lasting, and impactful results.”

Marty Linsky, long-time Harvard Kennedy School faculty, and co-author, Leadership on the Line and The Practice of Adaptive Leadership.

“I thought Xtraordinary to be fantastic book in a number of ways. The Xtraordinary leadership model was really helpful in focusing my own thoughts on where I sit as a leader in a simple, clear and concise way. The reflections at the end of each section further enhanced self-assessment and accountability to be honest with myself and finally, I found the habits of Xtraordinary leaders an incredible framework to facilitate me becoming a more consistent and more effective leader. A great read, highly recommended.”

Peter Chapman, Chief Financial Officer, Great Western Bank (NYSE:GWB)

“In a time where extraordinary leadership is needed more than ever before, Gerard Penna's book Xtraordinary could not be more timely. This practical and insightful book shows the reader what extraordinary leadership looks like and why it matters. Most importantly it explores the eight habits on how to become an extraordinary leader. Full of examples and stories, this book not only provides the know-how but the inspiration to become the best leader you can be.”

Gabrielle Dolan, best-selling author of Magnetic Stories and Stories at Work

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