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Our Philosophy

We need more extraordinary leaders.  There is a lot of ordinary, ho-hum average leadership out there that we have to tolerate in our daily lives and our world deserves something better. 


We need something more remarkable, and we are committed to lifting the bar on leadership and leadership development. 

Less ordinary. More Xtraordinary


What we believe is based on robust science, deep experience and constant learning, showing that Xtraordinary leaders master three critical things: 

ONE. They are able to get and hold other people’s attention. They have presence that builds trust and engagement.

TWO. Through impactful interactions they release the full potential and contribution of others. They influence others to bring their best to the work that needs to be done.

THREE. They transform themselves in order to transform the world around them. Their being is constantly evolving and deepening so that they can more powerfully take up the work of leadership.


Our programs, methods and resources reflect these three core beliefs, enabling leaders to become truly remarkable in their Presence, Influence and Being.


COURAGE To change the world we live in. To speak up, stand up and take risks. To confront our own limitations and grow beyond them.

CURIOSITY About the different worlds we experience. About what pulls each of us forward and what holds us back.  About how we can do things better.

CONNECTION With each other. With shared purpose and values. With the world that sustains us. With the balance it all needs.


We're here to challenge and support people to lead better.  Whether you're a team leader or in an executive role, we're in the business of helping you succeed.  We'll teach and coach you how show up more helpfully, energise more people, and transform yourself to meet the demands of the times.  

Our mission is to transform the world around us by transforming the leadership that shapes it - yours, ours, everybody's.

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