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Great leadership helps create the world we want to live in. Everyday it makes meaning of our efforts and releases our potential to do great things. It's a competitive advantage for those that strive to be their best. 


x marks the spot where you discover your full leadership potential.

our PURPOSE is to help you discover it.

X is a multiplier of the engagement and contribution of others.

OUR advice, tools and techniques  help you leverage it

the x factor of GREAT leadership is not a secret. 

 OUR powerful x model of leadership HELPS YOU MASTER IT.

How we create great leadersHIP



Engage people

Influence & mobilise

Get better results


Lead change

accelerate transformation

innovate your leadership


engage powerfully

maximise your impact

Cultivate trust and connection


Gerard is a world class international facilitator, coach, author and speaker.  His purpose is to challenge and support leaders and teams to develop to their full potential and achieve remarkable results. 

His curiosity about what makes great leadership began in his teenage years, fuelling over 30 years of work and research into psychology, education, strategy, and business. 


He has coached, trained, and evaluated thousands of leaders; from frontline supervisors to CEO’s across a vast array of industries, formulating deeply insightful views on the why, what and how of leadership.


Gerard’s experience is a unique mix of leading from the front himself and advising other leaders.  He is the former Chairman of a fast-growing firm of business psychologists in Asia Pacific, Director of the global consulting firm DDI, and a Senior Manager with Bain & Co.


Gerard is an alumnus of Harvard University Kennedy School, Deakin University, and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

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