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We were approached by the Vice President of a consulting function within this Fortune 50 global company. His team of highly skilled business consultants had lead some massive innovations and improvements but were losing steam. 

Whilst working incredibly hard and producing outstanding results, the latest employee engagement results were troubling. Disconnected leadership, zero tolerance for mistakes, little coaching and unyielding expectations were all showing up as issues in the engagement data, and they were taking a toll. 

The VP and his boss were especially concerned that if nothing changed they might lose valued team members, as well as the energy, innovation and commitment of those that stayed. 

The VP with his consulting leadership team were guided through a discovery and development process that allowed them to see that the way they were leading was prioritising results over people, causing burnout and unsustainable ways of working. Over several months they turned their attention to collectively cultivating leadership that also showed concern for people, without giving up expectations for high quality work and results. 

The results of their efforts to improve their leadership were extraordinary.  When a follow up engagement survey was conducted, scores across the function improved by nearly 50%, with the items related to the quality of leadership driving the remarkable improvement. At the same time the team continued to deliver outcomes to such a high standard that they were judged across the business as an aspirational role model for other consulting teams.

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