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Corinne Nyssen

Xtraordinary Business Manager

Corinne is an experienced practice manager with over 20 years of marketing and business management experience. Her role is to manage the administrative function of the business, communicate with clients and market the Xtraordinary Leaders brand.

Her passion for marketing and business management was born when she started out as a Marketing Assistant for an IT startup company during her final year of university. This sparked an interest in all facets of marketing and business management where Corinne was exposed to all functions at a grass-roots level. As her experience grew, she moved to the corporate sector where she gained experience in B2B and B2C marketing before moving to the UK to continue her IT marketing career. Upon returning, she aspired to forge her own path and consult to local organisations who resonated with her values of wellness and personal growth.   

Corinne has worked with various organisations including Melbourne IT, Sophos (UK & Australia), Origin Energy, Yarra Valley Water and multiple government Departments, predominantly in senior B2B marketing or Executive Assistant roles. In recent years she has been operating as a Marketing Consultant and has consulted to organisations including Peninsula Hot Springs and Gerard Penna. She joined Gerard Penna as a Practice Manager in 2019 and now manages the business function of Xtraordinary Leaders. 

Her experience is a mix of marketing strategy, branding, internal brand engagement, B2B marketing, campaign management, digital marketing, communications, client liaison, executive support and business/practice management.

Corinne has completed a Bachelor of Business at RMIT University and has participated in multiple professional development courses. 

Corinne lives on the Mornington Peninsula with her husband and three children where she enjoys an active lifestyle of nature walks, running, visiting wineries with friends and family and experiencing all the delights the area has to offer.

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