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This global major player in energy knew that disruption was coming. The inevitable shift to renewables, and the emergence of smaller more nimble players in their markets were challenging their future prosperity. Despite being amongst the ten biggest companies in the world they knew that they needed to pivot and transform their business, however a successful track record of doing things a particular way for 100 years made the process of change especially hard. The culture was risk adverse, bureaucratic and committed to the status quo, not the ideal ingredients for courageous and agile change.

When we were approached by BP to help them start the change journey, we agreed that the single biggest lever they could pull was changing their leadership culture and transforming the way they their leaders saw the world and responded to it. A change in leadership behaviour, from the top down, would be the most visible and powerful thing they could do to catalyse an ongoing transformation from within.

Following a deep discovery process that revealed the underlying beliefs, mindsets and behaviours that would help and hinder their transformation, we designed a multi-day, deeply immersive developmental experience based on our Xtraordinary Being program that all leaders would participate in. One designed to catalyse a deeply personal and individual transformative shift, which when aggregated across several hundred leaders would facilitate a wholesale Reset in the organisational culture.


Starting with the Asia Pacific senior leadership team, we worked progressively with each layer of leadership across the client’s retail, wholesale and production divisions over a period of two years. We also worked directly with the regional CEO, and other senior team members to help maximise their efforts in leading the change.


In late 2019, as the transformation agenda accelerated, the success of the program was recognised by the new regional CEO, naming it as one of three critical strategic initiatives that would enable the transformation of their business over the next five years.


With the emergence of the COVID pandemic in early 2020, the business was in a unique position to undertake a massive acceleration in their transformation agenda, far ahead of other areas of their business because of the adaptive capacity that the program had helped to cultivate.

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