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Anne Boland

Xtraordinary Coach and Facilitator

Anne is a coaching psychologist and highly experienced leadership development professional with Xtraordinary Leaders.  Her purpose is to help others realise their own innate wisdom  and abilities.

Anne’s pathway to coaching and teaching leadership began in state government and education where she worked as a psychologist and learning & development consultant before joining the big four professional services firm Ernst and Young for several years.  Her passion for developing leaders at all levels eventually led to the establishment of her own practice where she has worked in Australia and North America with a diverse range of clients including Coles Group, SKM, Jacobs, Monash College, The Victorian Government, Epworth Healthcare and global consultancy DDI.  

Coaching leaders is of key interest of Anne where she blends the science of western psychology with wisdom traditions and eastern psychology, all the time remaining focused on developing leaders and leadership teams to generate practical outcomes such as improved productivity, performance and business results. 

Anne’s experience is a remarkable combination of working with individuals one on one, with intact leadership teams as with larger leadership groups in development workshops, where her warm and considerate style is perfectly complemented by insightful and challenging questions that help her clients gain significant traction with their growth and performance.

Anne has multiple qualifications in psychology and education as well as accreditations in a number of leadership development methodologies, most recently including Mindfulness Coaching.

Anne lives on the Mornington Peninsula where she tends to her interest in creating beautiful homes and surrounds, whilst always striving to live mindfully and in the moment.

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