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Xtraordinary Coach and Facilitator

Simon is a remarkable individual who blends high impact personal presence, with deep compassion, empathy and understanding of human psychology, to have Xtraordinary impact on the leaders we work with. 

Simon has been using these unique capabilities skills to help organisations and individuals build their leadership, sales and customer service strength for over fifteen years.  Whether coaching C-suite executives or helping frontline staff, he is a passionate about unearthing people’s potential, so they can achieve their results, help their teams and businesses perform and ultimately live happier, more productive lives at work.

Simon’s background in psychology and coaching enables him to think critically and to design learning programs based on evidence; his performance background enables him to communicate persuasively and deliver strongly in the room; his business experience enables him to adapt to difference contexts quickly, draw key stakeholders together to align direction with a view to creating a leadership, team performance and sales architecture that delivers bottom line results
He has worked across all sectors, from financial services to manufacturing, with some of the biggest brands in Australia and around the world, delivering solutions through Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA.

In addition to possessing a Bachelor of Dramatic Art from NIDA, Simon holds multiple qualifications in psychology, leadership assessment and training, and is a certified coach. 

Simon lives in Melbourne where he tends lovingly to his partner and three children

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