Engaging and sustaining others attention is pivotal to remarkable leadership, from intimate 1:1 settings right through to large conferences, seminars and webinars. 


We are uniquely equipped to engage and educate demanding executives on the art, science and practice needed to be an Xtraordinary Leader. After all, getting and holding others attention is a skill that we teach everyday. 


If you are looking for a leadership speaker who will resonate with your audience, reach out. We'd love to talk.



Engage people

Influence & mobilise

Get better results


Lead change

accelerate transformation

innovate your leadership


engage powerfully

maximise your impact

Cultivate trust and connection

HELPING leaders become extraordinary

"we must all grow, 

and  becomE more 


Gerard Penna

Founder and CEO, Xtraordinary Leaders

Gerard Penna is the founding mind behind the creation of Xtraordinary Leaders. As one of Australia’s foremost experts in leadership, he has provided counsel to the world’s leading companies and for-purpose organisations.

Xtraordinary Leaders is the result of 30 years of learning, teaching, discovery and practice. Together, with fellow leaders in the industry, Gerard Penna is addressing the critical need to improve the leadership we have in our organisations and communities.

"We are lifting the bar on leadership and leadership development. We are helping people become better leaders, beyond average or ordinary. If we want a better world, we need more extraordinary leaders." 

Experience powerful personal transformation and development targeted to your individual leadership needs and circumstance. 

Discover ways of overcoming resistant leadership challenges and make acclerated progress towards leadership goals and aspirations by accessing high impact 1:1 coaching and support.

​Xtraordinary Coaching is for senior and mid-level executives and leaders who wish to engage in highly personalised development on a one-to-one basis.