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Independent Grocery Chain Thrives 


Competition in the Australian supermarket landscape is tough if you are not one of the two major players that have the size and scale to dominate the industry. Despite these challenges, our client Ritchies is a nimble and resilient home-grown independent retailer that has managed to grow their network, improve their margins and win accolades whilst many others have been closing their doors.

In 2016 we were approached by this family-owned business to have a conversation about how we might help them develop their leaders and lift performance. Whilst traditionally sceptical about leadership training and external consultants, they were curious about the role we had played in a successful high-profile business transformation several years earlier.


Over several conversations with their CEO we agreed to start small, with a customised version of our Xtraordinary Influence program as part of a two-day residential leadership offsite for

their national leadership team. The offsite was especially focused on facilitating more effective behaviours and approaches when working together.


The success of the offsite lead to our involvement in running further workshops for all of their head office and operational leaders across the country, with the CEO attributing the experience as having enhanced the leadership culture, and their ability to get better results through others.


Our client continues to engage our services to build upon and strengthen the gains that they have enjoyed over the last several years.

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