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Award Winning Leadership Development


Our client Medibank is a market-leading $4B insurer who began experiencing disruption as competitive, economic, technological and social changes combined to create significant headwinds.


Recognising that a different, more effective form of leadership was needed, they commenced designing a unique development program for senior leaders that would build capacity to lead and innovate in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment.

We were was invited to contribute to the design of a leading edge multi-faceted program involving assessments, workshops, unique in-depth case studies and simulations, as well as executive coaching.

A keystone of the program was the integration of our Xtraordinary Influence content to enable the leaders to develop key skills and techniques for projecting with influence and in engaging and mobilising others.

The initial program was extremely well received and subsequently was repeated to cover the entire leadership cohort at that level.


The program was the winner of a Workplace Excellence Award from the Australian Psychological Society in recognition of an outstanding approach to learning and development.

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