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Equipping new leaders for success

During the last three months of 2020, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Xtraordinary Leaders delivered a virtual leadership program to twenty high-potential professional managers working within BP Asia Pacific. 

The participants were tertiary-educated professionals from highly expert technical roles within the business and were looking for training and support to take up formal and informal leadership roles as the next step in their career.  

A robust impact evaluation was conducted during and after the program to measure the contribution of the program in supporting the participants to successfully lead in a demanding environment. The evaluation was conducted via online surveys with all participants, and in-depth interviews with a sample of participants selected by the client. 

The evaluation found that the participants enjoyed a highly engaging developmental experience; acquired key frameworks, skills and self-insight to support their leadership growth; reported high-content relevance to their new leadership roles; and experienced enhanced leadership confidence and competence on-the-job as a result. 

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